Packaging formats

A wide product offer requires a sufficient packaging offer.
DRINK ID provides all popular sizes and volumes as well as many dedicated solutions, according to individual clients’ needs.



150 ML200 ML250 ML330 ML355 ML440 ML470 ML500 ML550 ML568 ML

An aluminium can is a natural choice in case of functional beverages or energy drinks as well as any soft drinks. It combines convenience and practicality – it cools down rapidly, protects the beverage inside from sunlight and oxygen, thus maintaining its freshness from the moment the can is filled until the beverage is consumed. It also provides a wide range of visual communication opportunities on the surface. Furthermore, it is an entirely secondary raw material, which can be recycled.

Glass bottles

GREGALEEddieSteine LightVichy LightPivoIndividual

A glass bottle is an eco-friendly choice which protects the content inside since glass does not let any chemical substances from the outside in and does not react with the liquid contained in the glass packaging. This classic solution is used for beer, juices, or carbonated drinks. The DRINK ID offer also includes packaging for custom-designed and individually labelled trays or cardboard boxes.

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