Product offer

The offer of DRINK ID includes a great number of various beverage categories such as soft drinks, flavored and functional water, fruit drinks, tea, icetea, sports drinks, BCAA drinks, Isotonic Drinks, Enegery Drinks, Low Calorie, Zero Alcohol Beer, Beer, Cider, Wine, Fruit wine and fruit wine drinks, coctails drinks, champagne & sparkling wine, juices, wine & spirits drinks, alcohol free & low alcohol drinks, spirits, wellness drinks, hard seltzer, cold brew.


Carbonated drinks have been popular for years. Everyone likes them not only for their taste, but also for the refreshment they bring.


Recipes and composition of functional beverages are very diversified. Depending on functions and intended use of a given beverage, it may contain a complex of vitamins, minerals, BCAA, a specific taste or smell. Everything depends on individual preferences and needs.


An assortment of energy drinks is extremely wide as apart from a classic recipe and composition, which is based on taurine, caffeine, and vitamins, it also includes different flavors, low calory options, drinks based on natural juices or containing ingredients which extend the basic functionality of such beverages.

Isotonic drinks

This category is mostly about hydrating your body and replenishing electrolytes that you have lost while doing physical activities. An isotonic drink must hydrate better than water, and often also add energy so that you can keep facing sports challenges, which is why DRINK ID recipes contain some additional hydrocarbons, vitamins, or minerals.


Sometimes water is not enough. Particularly for those who love tasting everything and dislike boredom in their life. The assortment of flavored waters includes a series of popular fruity flavors, including exotic ones, but more importantly, all products in this category are created on the basis of crystal-clear mineral water from our own intake.


The assortment of tea drinks will meet expectations of the most demanding tea gourmets and lovers. Formulas are based on proven high-quality ingredients, which – while preserving the essence of hot brewed tea – taste excellent even on hot days.


A category of ready-to-drink beverages is growing very dynamically, which reflects the popular trend of consuming beverages with a low alcohol content as well as looking for beer alternatives. Thanks to the vast possibilities of mixing your favorite flavors and aromas with alcohol in its various forms and concentrations, a group of regular consumers, particularly the youth, who are pleasure- and fun-oriented, is constantly on the increase.

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